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CARNIVAL OF THE CHILDREN OF BOCCO ( Castiglion Fibocchi Carnevale)

Carnevale Castiglion Fibocchi

History of the Carnival of the Sons of Bocco

A few kilometers from the city of Arezzo, along the ancient Roman road Cassia Vetus on the slopes of Pratomagno, Castiglion Fibocchi rises; This is a typical Tuscan town that sees its first origins in the medieval period and specifically in the twelfth century, when the Guidi gave the feud to the Pazzi family of Valdamo; between them stands the figure of Ottaviano Pazzi, nicknamed Bocco due to deformation of the face, and he was named the country.
Here the story begins to weave a dance with the legend sometimes getting lost in one another. The stories, told by grandparents to grandchildren in the "song of the fire" during the long winter evenings, tell of memorable festivities Castiglionesi before Lent when, with great libations and dancing ".. in Castellione de filiis Bochi the peasants and lords celebrate together the feast of carnesciale. . . "(Nda historical document dated May 2, 1174).
And so twenty years ago, it takes shape, the alleys and the walls of the castle strict, beautiful figures and arcane that overhead, beneath the stone arches and the narrow streets, take up a dance now interrupted for centuries, but always in memory of all, because you never forget the joy of living.
It is precisely this spirit that only once a year, namely the third Sunday of the carnival period, the entire country is working to transform every inhabited place, alley and atrium, in a fantastic landscape, that of the "Carnival Sons of Bocco ".
The Carnival of the Sons of Bocco is an ancient event where the two hundred participants, dressed in fantastic costumes and with their faces hidden by masks of precious paper, with their elegant bows invite the visitor to enter a mysterious limbo where time has not most dimension.


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