Your Authentic Tuscan Experience Off the Beaten Path

Want to know more about how Tuscans appreciate day to day living? Want a sense of quiet and charm? Want lots of sun? If any of those factors are on your list of what will make a great vacation, then the Little Love Nest and the Bianchi family will be a charming setting. The family has deep and proud roots in the growing of chianti...and many wonderful stories to share. The apartment itself has a special atmosphere. It is the bottom half of an old Tuscan farm home and has been renovated to be especially appealing... walk-in shower, large, fully equipped kitchen. But it is Marusca's joy in sharing with guests that just makes this stay superb. I want to return as soon as I can.

Linda - Washington DC - US - August 2013

I want to return as soon as I can. August 2013

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Price: 8.00 €