Your Authentic Tuscan Experience Off the Beaten Path


I don't really want to share it. I think of this as our place, I'm loathed to leave a review at all: I want to keep this our secret to use at a whim. I don't want to share Gianni and Marusca with you either. They are our friends now and I don't like the idea of them giving you the same warm welcome that they extended to us, opening their house to us and sharing such an outstanding evening together. I'd be jealous. I certainly don't want to tell you about the comfortable well equipped house (ours) that you could be staying in, nor the delightful walk you could be taking each morning in to the town to get fresh provisions. As for Arezzo and the location, its ok if you like that sort of thing.

Which we do.  

Ed & Jay Silvester and Kids - London - UK - April 2015

Please look after OUR Tuscan house....April 2015

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Price: 28.00 €