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SHOPs Castiglion Fibocchi

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Castiglion Fibocchi is like New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Paris, Sidney, Montreal, Toronto, Amsterdam and other important cities ....You can find all you need....and in Cappannelle you can find all you desire.....JOY & LOVE!

Where to eat

Where to do shopping

  • Green Grocer - Siamo alla Frutta- Castiglion Fibocchi • Stores • 35 Via Setteponti 
    Vegetables: carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, salad. fruit: apples, peaches, oranges etc..

  • Butcher's Shop - Torzini - Castiglion Fibocchi • Stores • 21 Via Setteponti 
    In Macelleria Torzini (Butcher's Shop - Torzini) you can find a selection of local Meat of beef (Chianina) , pork, chicken, turkey, sheep and rabbit chosen by them and available to You. Giacomo & Sara (Brother & Sister) are the beautiful and kind owners. I recommend them!

  • Supermarket Sidis - Castiglion Fibocchi • Groceries • 27 Via Setteponti 
    Franco, Rosina and Nico have a supermarket where you can find all is necessary for your breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Pharmacy Monticini - Castiglion Fibocchi • Stores • 17 Via Setteponti 
    If you need medicines or drugs the pharmacy of Dr. Cristina Monticini can help you solve your problems

  • Tobacco&Bus Tickets - Tabaccheria Lorita - Castiglion Fibocchi • Stores • 43 Via Sette Ponti 
    Tobacco & Bus Tickets,, Stamps and Postcards of Castiglion Fibocchi.
    Lorita is my friend.and close to Cappannelle.

  • Pollice Verde (Flower shop) - Castiglion Fibocchi Stores • 17 Via Sette Ponti 
    Flower shop with many different local flowers. Serena is my friend, a kind person. Pollice Verde is perfect if you want to do a floreal gift. 

  • Haidresser -Team Pagano - Castiglion Fibocchi • Stores • 40C Via Setteponti 
    Team Pagano can cut or style your hair in order to change or maintain your person's image.