Your Authentic Tuscan Experience Off the Beaten Path

Trip of a Lifetime in our Airbnb in Tuscany Italy

Our Airbnb in Tuscany Italy

If you are reading this page most probably You are living in a big city, with big skyscrapers, terrible traffic, fog and no sun for long time; Or you are looking for a place where relax you immersed in the nature, far from the stressing job.

So, have you ever wondered where to go for the most beautiful trip of your life? Have you ever dreamed about living inside such an amazing postcard, moving among wonderful landscapes of rolling hills, cypress trees, and vineyards where you can hear the rustle of rivers and look star studded sky? Looking at beautiful churchies and castles? Smelling the coloured flowers in a amazing green field in a sweet hill? Tasting Panzanella & Florentine Steak and drinking a good glass of Chianti Wine or VinSanto?

This is the place where we live and where we have our AIRBNB. 
.... all this is the wonderful TUSCANY in Italy !

In short, living in this earthly paradise surrounded by historical and scenic artistic beauties, a slow lifestyle where human values are still firmly established, eating in a genuine way makes you live better and longer.


Tuscans are among the most long-lived in Italy, in the first places in Italy for life expectancy. Research supported by the National Institute of Aging of Bethesda in the United States reveals that the secret of longevity is in Chianti, the recipe for good aging on the Tuscan hills is composed of: environment, food, Mediterranean diet and consumption of local products putting in pole position wine and extra virgin olive oil. The data reveal that Tuscany is the first Italian region for average daily consumption of alcohol even though a 'Mediterranean' model is prevalent linked to moderate intake during meals, and not to abuse and that the Tuscans practice sports with more regularity than Italians. The Tuscans seem to have found a perfect mix that goes hand in hand with the quality of the route and an extension of its average duration.



Tuscany Map Off The Beaten Path

Tuscany Map Under The Tuscan Sun off the beaten path

Me, my husband Gianni and my daughters Giulia and Alice live in Arezzo - Tuscany and we have 2 Airbnb in Tuscany  "Cappannelle" Country House in Castiglion Fibocchi and "Borgo Santa Maria in Valle" in Laterina, off the beaten path, in two beautiful farms restored and now 2 villas with pool. The position is central and from here you can visit the most beautiful places of Tuscany:

  • Florence (the "Cradle of the Renaissance", the City of Lorenzo il Magnifico, Leonardo, Brunelleschi, Dante Alighieri, Palazzo Vecchio & Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio and the beautiful Duomo)
  • Siena (The City of the Palio and Piazza del Campo)
  • Val d'Orcia (the most beautiful valley in Tuscany, Unesco site)
  • Chianti Area (the most beautiful area in Tuscany for the wine)
  • Pienza (The City in Val d'Orcia valley, Unesco site)
  • Arezzo ( the City of Petrarca, Guido di Arezzo, Piazza Grande & Saracen Joust, the movie "Life is Beautiful"
  • Cortona (The most important etruscan City, It is appreciated all over the world)

Look our Tuscany Map..... and in less than 1 hour by car and other wonderful places (Unesco sites) like

  • San Gimignano,
  • Assisi,
  • Pisa,
  • Cinque Terre,
  • San Marino

in our surroundings off the beaten path...

 Not only .....we remind you also Rome, Venice and Naples, Amalfi Coast and Milan.

Now I would like to speak in more detail of our beloved Holiday House Cappannelle.


Would you like to follow me? 

Our Village: Cappannelle

Castiglion Fibocchi and the vineyard

Cappannelle is a little village  at 12 km from Arezzo and 1 km from Castiglion Fibocchi, in open tuscan countryside  off the beaten path.

In this wonderful place was born my husband Gianni. Here everything flows to the rhythm of nature. Castiglion Fibocchi is surrounded by the green vineyards, cypress and olive trees ... as you can see from the photo.

Our new Vineyard in Tuscany

Cappannelle Surrounding Area




In the Chianti Area a paradise of vineyards green in spring and summer .........and magically yellow and  red in fall !  

With my father in law Renato we have built a new vineyard with almost 11.300 vines for continuing this wonderful family tradition. 

Bianchi Family in Cappannelle Holiday House

Our Bianchi family is the typical farming family from Tuscany, full of values and joy of live. This is our true force.



A magic moment when on suday the Bianchi Family ( Happy Italian Family ) have lunch together!!!!


Almost I forgot it .... we are happy people who likes to laugh and joke!


 I can understand you when you will meet the first time .... you will be immersed in the warmth of a sincere embrace of our family. We care of your joy and your vacation.

Our Airbnb in Tuscany, The Country House off the beaten path

Our Airbnb in Tuscany - Cappannelle

Cappannelle Holiday House is our Airbnb in Tuscany in perfect Tuscan Style. Thanks to Airbnb we have learnt to become hosts. And discover how the people all over the world appreciate our beautiful region. Usually to our guests we say: " In Castiglion Fibocchi you can find all you need and in Cappannelle all you desire, Joy & Love " 

Our Villa with Garden and Pool Under The Tuscan Sun

Villa with Pool

Outside there is a Patio with common garden with flowers, BBQ, tables, chairs, umbrellas and swing seat where you can relax and admire the stars during the beautiful evenings of Tuscan countryside. 

For your relaxation, we have an outdoor private, above ground, swimming pool, a Gazebo with a table and chairs, umbrellas & deckchairs.

Little Love Nest in Tuscany

Little Love Nest in Tuscany

Our Airbnb Little Love Nest in Tuscany. It is the lovely apartment for couples that want to live the unforgettable romantic experience in Tuscany. Perfect for Honeymoon and Anniversary

 Book our Airbnb Country House Tuscany Little Love Nest

Relax & Love in Tuscany

Relax & Love in Tuscany

Our Airbnb Relax & Love in Tuscany. It is a wonderful apartment for families or friends that want to know better the amazing Tuscany.

Book our Airbnb Country House Tuscany Cappannelle



A day in 2017 me and my husband Gianni we decided to take a villa all to ourselves in a beautiful Paradise immersed in nature of Tuscany. From that day we had fun preparing this paradise for our guests. We first repainted each apartment and together with our friend Simonetta (home staging) we did a  to adapt them to our "Country House in Tuscany" Style. We studied every smallest detail, recovering everything we found in the house. 

This house was inhabited by a family of farmers and then in 2000 it had been restored to resume a new life.

We still remember when the first host family from Belgium arrived. What an emotion!.


Marusca's Country Houses in Tuscany

Marusca Cacioli Super Host Airbnb

Marusca Cacioli Super Host Airbnb

I am Marusca a Super Host of Airbnb. With big passion and love me & my family, we  host people from all over the world. Our secret it is to open our house and our family to our guests telling them our story, our life, our tradition.


“The authenticity and the hosts willingness to share a glimpse of their lives with us.” Janeen - Australia


" Only big hearts can produce such amount of love" Olga - Canada

What's Airbnb?

Airbnb is a community that enables those who have one or more rooms available for rent in their homes to travelers who want to know that particular city. It 'a way to travel much cheaper and "social" of the classic hotel accommodation.

Thanks to fee you can meet people from all over the world and get tips on interesting places to visit as it is home to those who tend to be inclined to dispense them! In addition to this is not to underestimate the economic aspect: for example, you can spend 45 Euros per night to stay with your partner in a beautiful love nest in the countryside Toscana.Il apartment price includes both the cost of accommodation is the cost debit service portal that can vary from 6 to 12% based on the total of the reservation.



But how does Airbnb?

It's very simple. The first step is to subscribe to the site and you can do it either by connecting via their Facebook account (and it is the fastest method) is filling in all the fields and entering your email address. Once registered you can start surfing looking for the best accommodation for your trip. Looking for example. "Castiglion Fibocchi" or "Arezzo" or "Tuscany" and entering the planned dates for your stay you will get a list of all available properties, related images and reviews. Please read the reviews and check how the arrangement is far from the attractions you want to visit! The methods of payment vary depending on the country of origin. In Italy you can pay by credit card fee and will charge the cost of the stay only after your request has been accepted by those houses. If those who host accepts, Airbnb will send the guest all contact email and telephone so that we can create a direct contact between the two sides. It 'a great service, perfect for those who love to travel without spending a fortune!


If you are not yet registered with the site of fee we can make you a small gift: use the good linked below and you will get € 23 discount on the first booking!


Have a good trip!

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