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Live your authentic tuscan experience. 

"Cappannelle is the Project of Bianchi Family" designed from the heart.

The Holiday House was lovingly restored by Renato & Graziella Bianchi (my inlaws). It was the Bianchi family's farm house. My husband Gianni Bianchi and I came up with the idea to host people from all over the world in our wonderful Tuscany. And thanks to the encouragement of Suzanne Bianchi, the distant relative from the United States, we started this magical adventure that allows us to meet incredible people from all over the world.

Our family works together as a wonderful team and we enjoy our work with heartfelt passion!

"Cappannelle is the Project of Bianchi Family" designed from the heart.


Bianchi Family after the WW2

Bianchi Family after World War II A long time ago, Le Capannelle was the Bianchi family's Tuscan farm.

13 people lived here: my father-in-law Renato, along with his grandfather, Giuseppe, his father, Dante, his sister, Diva, and his brother Piero. It seems that during the Second Punic War, (between the Romans and the Carthaginians in 217 BC), Hannibal passed through Cappannelle..

"Today it is a wonderful house that hosts Tuscany admirers from all over the world!

The House is surrounded by green vineyards of Tuscany in the countryside near Castiglion Fibocchi - Arezzo.

Gianni & Marusca Cappannellle Country House Tuscany
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