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FATTORIA LA VIALLA - Accommodation and Restaurant

Fattoria La Vialla

Cappannelle Holiday House suggests that you visit Fattoria La Vialla at Via di Meliciano, 26, 52029 Castiglion Fibocchi (Tel: +39 0575 477720), which is only 3km from Cappannelle.  Fattoria La Vialla is worldwide famous for its organic Tuscan food, wine and olive oil; the agritourist accommodation, and its authentic restaurant.

Our guests from Germany, UK and Holland love Fattoria La Vialla because they can taste local food and wine, and buy "Fattoria la Vialla" brand Chianti wine, olive oil and jams.

"Fattoria La Vialla" is a family-run farm, owned by the three Lo Franco brothers. The company was founded 30 years ago in the heart of Tuscany, Castiglion Fibocchi, near Arezzo. Able to produce excellent olive oil, the farm's vast expanses of vineyards, fields of grain, and vegetables of many kinds enrich the wide surrounding area. The rest is entirely woodland. Organic crops typical of Tuscany yield fruits that are processed with recipes and methods that guarantee maximum attention to conservation of flavour. The fields at Fattoria La Vialla are not exploited nor abused, and become important parts of the process of alternating and rotating crops.


Fattoria La Vialla Info

  • Name: Fattoria La Vialla
  • Address: Via Di Meliciano, 26 52100 – Arezzo Italy
  • Tel: +39 0575/477811
  • Fax: +39 0575/477812
  • Email:
  • Web Site:
  • GPS: N 43°31’42” – E 11°46’48”
  • Production and Sales: Organic Food: olives, olive oil, cereals (wheat, spelled, barley), various vegetables, dairy products, sheep.
  • Agriturism

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Rural House Museum - Fattoria la Vialla

Rural House Museum -Fattoria la Vialla

We suggest also to visit the MUSEUM OF RURAL HOUSE of Fattoria della Vialla, Podere Uliveto, Via di Meliciano, 26 Arezzo ( Arezzo )

Phone: 0575 364790

Fax: 0039 0575 364623

e- mail:

Visit Accessibility: Contact Fattoria La Vialla tel 0575 364790, e- mail:

Prices: Ticket intero € 5,00 (Discounts for schools)

History and Purpose of the Museum: The museum documents the territory's popular culture, reconstructing the peasants from the Casentino area's domestic life's environments. The exhibition shows the environmental, economic, social and cultural contexts in which people of that time were born and their creativity to adapt to their needs.

Building's History: The museum is located in La Vialla's Olive Grove, in a more than 200-year-old stone house, the rooms report daily life of that time.

  • Exhibition sqm: 200 sqm.
  • Exhibition rooms: 7.
  • Exhibits: around 2000 objects like tools, utensils, clothes, documents and furniture.
  • Story collections: the objects in the museum come from the work of 40 years of collection made by Mr Del Pasqua in the territories situated at the foot of Pratomagno and Subbiano, in the province of Arezzo.

Shop Fattoria La Vialla's products

Vialla's Products

In the shop Fattoria la Vialla, you can find Tuscan wine and food included olives and olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, pasta, sauces, La Vialla's own pecorino cheese, salami, jam and cantuccini biscuits - ideal for dipping into Vin Santo, a traditional Italian dessert wine.


The products are also sold in the online shop. Click here

Where to find the pdf catalog of Fattoria La Vialla? Click here.


Fattoria La Vialla's products are authentic tuscan delicacies. They are made by Vialla with ingredients that they grow and produce theirselves using certified organic and biodynamic methods. The natural biodiversivity of Vialla's land - between low ground and hillsides (from 250 to 650 m.a.s.l.) composed of vineyards, olive groves, vegetable fields, arable land, pastures, woods and areas where animals are raised - is reflected in the production of the vast assortment of typical tuscan gastronomic specialities.

Fattoria La Vialla's gift ideas

Fattoria La Vialla's Gift Ideas

There is something for all tastes, a complete assortment of Tuscan Specialities  produced by Fattoria La Vialla - from the field, to the jar, to the bow tied on each hamper - using garanteed organic and biodynamic methods. Gift ideas with combinations of wine - red, white, dry, sweet, sparkling - with appetizers, pasta, sauces, extra virgin olive oil, cold cuts, pecorino cheese, buiscits and other local specialities. All the gift boxes are "freshly" prepared week by week. Packaging and shipping are certified carbon neutral.

Le Ricette di Giuliana

Le ricette di Giuliana

Le Ricette di Giuliana is book which contains all the recipes of Tuscan cuisine.


Le Ricette di Giuliana - bound or paperback 2011 ISBN: 9788890587504

ID: c00b712d4a0b25a35da22e6c352d2ce5

Binding: Hardcover, Label: Fattoria La Vialla, Publisher: Fattoria La Vialla, medium: Hardcover, NUMBEROFPAGES: 400, publication date: 2011-10-01, ISBN: 8890587504 Hardcover, Fattoria La Vialla <


No. M08890587504, 3, Excl.

And so is harvested at the Fattoria La Vialla wine

Especially recommended is the "Barriccato Bianco, 2012". This unfiltered white wine formed by 70 percent of Chardonnay and 30 percent of Malvasia grapes is preserved in a natural way and can be drunk with fish dishes.

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Other Info of Fattoria La Vialla

The Harvest in Fattoria La Vialla

The Harvest at Fattoria La Vialla

Source: The Times 


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The Map of the Farm


Big Lunch in Fattoria La Vialla

Olive Oil: Hidden in the treetops

Olive Oil with bread and garlic

(Olive Oil with bread and garlic)

Nature is more than enough for La Vialla. Not only the type of nature that is reflected in its organization's ideology, but also the one you can smell, taste and walk through. It makes me think about when Antonio and I used to run together through the forested area- where there are tight wall oak, pine and chestnut trees- that precedes La Vialla's olive grove.

La Vialla covers a large area, 1,300 hectares of land, where there are a total of 20 farmhouses, which can accommodate holiday makers during the period from early March to late October. Just long enough that it is possible to participate in olive picking. Olive picking is one of La Vialla's biggest attractions in the second half of October, when the olive fruits are ripe and ready to be skinned from the trees.

To participate in the pick of the olive has become an increasingly popular activity in recent years. People like to follow the whole process, from the farm to the table. They do not participate in the actual pressing, but they can see and learn how it works, and they can taste the final product.

"We have guests coming to us year after year to participate. And we are naturally delighted, because we have more than 25,000 trees.", says Antonio laughing happily. 

The laughter of amused amateur pickers arriving from the treetops is one of the sounds that you can hear. Legs and ladders are the only things that can be seen under the many olive trees, the rest is hidden by the treetops. All participants receive a pair of glowes to protect their hands from the branches and a little rake, to pick the olives with.

La Vialla has three different types of olives: Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo. Leccino has a sweetish and delicate flavor, while both Frantoio and Moraiolo have a stronger taste. This because, among other things, they have a higher content of polyphenol, which gives a more bitter and more character full flavor. The latter two types of olives have very intense fragrance and flavor and they contribute to the high quality oil.

"We then try to find the right mix ratio of these three types of olives, so that the end product is both velvety and with a pronounced character", says Antonio.

La Vialla's olive oil is considerated really good by a lot of people. In recent years they have won several prestigious awards for their olive oil: a first place at the prestigious Ercole Olivario competition in 2010 and the gold medal in the International Competition for Olive Oils in Los Angeles this year. It should also be noted that La Vialle olive oil in 2013 entered the list of "World's 50 Best biologically produced olive oils."

Antonio alleges, with a twinkle in his eye, that if you participate actively in harvesting, the final product will taste better.

After finishing picking the olives, they take them to La Vialla's oldest farmhouse, la Signana. Here was inaugurated in 2002 the old stone mill. The olives should be pressed within 12 hours after picking. Here the mill wheel runs around in uninterrupted operation, while olives are poured into the mill by hand. Slightly further ahead in the production chain the final product is flowing. 

The scent is fresh and inviting, while the taste is incredibly intense and velvety. It is the taste of health.

Flavours of Tuscany: pecorino, pasta and agritourism

Flavours of Tuscany: pecorino, pasta and agritourism

- Pecorino Cheese

The area around Pienza and Montepulciano is famous for its good pecorino cheese, called Pecorino. Sheep's milk contains nearly twice as much fat as the cows. This makes the cheese very special, but what the animals eat is also important. The flowers and herbs that grow in these pastures, have a direct influence on the taste of the cheese.

During every season, in Pienza, there's a competition between families for who makes the best Pecorino. For example one of these families is the Cugusi family that lives clouse to Montepulciano. Here, the milk comes from 350 sheep. Which aren't from Tuscany, as well as their owners. The Cugusi family's history starts in Sardinia. One of the cheese producers of the family, Silvana Cugusi, said: "My sister and I learned the art of cheese-making when we were really young. My parents have built the business. Our father came to Tuscany in the 60s. The country is the ideal grazing land for sheeps. The Orcia Valley is similar in some ways to Sardinia."

"In principle- says Silvana Cugusi- each Pecorino is prepared in the same way. The cheese must mature, it usually takes between three months and two years, but every family has its secrets. The cheese is kept inside aging cellars and each copy is regularly checked and rubbed with olive oil".

A cheese is particularly dear to her: The "Riserva", that weighs more than 10 kg, which is actually not typical of Pienza. "Pecorino di Pienza" usually has a weight of one kilogram. The Cugusi family has made this type of cheese twenty years ago, for the owner's wedding. They also have won two gold metals at a national level competition- beating more than 400 competitors.


- Fattoria "La Vialla"

La Vialla is a Fattoria, a family-run agricultural holding, which produces food, but also guest houses. This in turn is called agritourism, which is very common in Italy. The guests who come are interested in rural life. Almost everything that is consumed here is also produced on the estate itself. Seen in this agritourism is also a form of "sustainable travel". Anywhere in Tuscany you will find signs to farms, where you can also make holiday.

 "La Vialla", led by the three brothers Gianni, Antonio and Franco Bandino Lo, however, stands out with some peculiarities. Here is namely produced biodynamically, and indeed for a long time. End of the 70s, told Gianni Lo Franco, father and mother bought the first land here - produce the idea, healthy all-natural food. They started with organic farming methods, as in Italy it was not even mentioned. Even then, the family wanted to produce food - without pesticides and other poisons. Gianni Lo Franco: "My first memories of the Fattoria here; because I think of the first farm, my parents have acquired in 1978. When I went with my two brothers with only fourteen years with the Jeep and of course without a license on the steep, narrow, enormously difficult navigable routes of the lands to harvest with an improvised carts grapes. "


- Noon meal at the farm of La Fattoria Vialla

 And with these two brothers, he then rebuilt the estate of the parents to a biodynamic operation Demeter-level, with its own water and energy. For their products, the family has received many awards. The CO2 balance of the assets is highly praised. The operation works the way profitably. But one hardly sold in Italy, but almost everything in Germany. Gianni Lo Franco: "Why Germany? Because Germany 1990 was the only place where anybody has interest in organic farming. In Italy's was the not yet, had no significance for the Italians. That was a really nice adventure for us! "

 An adventure that continues. For now, the family has established an environmental foundation and works with several universities in research projects.

 Work 150 to 300 workers at the Fattoria La Vialla seasonal. The operation is not exactly small, with over 1,000 hectares. 25,000 olive trees grow on the premises, 15 different varieties.

 The 1,300 sheep here enjoy a free life and be milked in a pasture. For the cheese production, the company's own pecorino! Clear that also wine is grown organically. 15 wines there are currently. But the young owner of La Vialla like to experiment. In the wine cellar next to the barrels we discover huge terracotta vessels.

 Antonio Lo Franco: "In these amphorae aged wine, but without that it assumes the taste of wood. We started the experiment with this red Sangiovese in 2010. Now we will also produce other wines so, also white. We also want the terracotta amphorae experiment sometimes make with sweet Vin Santo. An amphora will be seen exactly how our labels, but that is still a mystery. "

 Other products that produces the Fattoria: flour and from bread and pastries, vegetables and herbs are from those produced and bottled sauces in jars, and much more. The 29 apartments for guests are spread around the grounds. The Italian government monitors the farms strict that the business with overnight stays makes up only a small part of the income.

 A tip: In the farm's restaurant on La Vialla meals are offered at regular intervals, with aperitif and all that goes with it - in beautiful surroundings and at reasonable prices.


- Noodle wisdom


UNESCO has included the way the so-called "Mediterranean diet" as worthy of protection in the list of world cultural heritage. Especially the pasta, the pasta dishes always taste a bit better in Italy than in Germany. But why? Where is the secret of Mediterranean pasta sauce?

 We have researched in the test kitchen of one of the most famous pasta company in Italy. The Buitoni family started nearly 200 years ago with a small grocery store and ended with a global company, but it was sold in 1988 to a Swiss group. The family home in Tuscany in Sansepolcro today houses the R & D department, ie the kitchen of the company.

 After talking with chef Marco Donnini is clear: The magic word of Italian-Mediterranean cuisine: simple but with quality ingredients, such as olive oil, garlic and tomatoes. But not just any tomatoes, explains the chef. Which tomatoes to use what is half a science that must be taken very seriously: "We want more sweet, sweet tomatoes, so we take the small, as here, the grape tomatoes or the Pachino or cherry tomatoes. These are the varieties that are most readily available commercially and very rich in sugar and sweet. "

In addition, most varieties should look possible deep red. Only when they were harvested ripe, they taste really delicious and healthy. Coincidentally, this substance - lycopene - also the substance that influenced the good taste of a tomato and even the health value. So it pays to be careful when buying. By the way: The lycopene is a very stable substance and is not destroyed by cooking.

 Knowledge of cultivation and origin of the ingredients is incredibly important for Italians and is always requested. Only the best and freshest should come to the table. The recipes themselves are, however often very simple and consist of only a few ingredients.


Author: Christiane Möller

Articles on Fattoria La Vialla

Fattoria La Vialla, Arezzo, Tuscany


With the highest organic credentials, the Vialla farm and wine estate has been built up over 30 years by three generations of the Lo Franco family, who are passionate about natural food production. Piece by piece they have bought up neglected adjoining farms, revitalising them to produce wine, olive oil, sheep’s cheese, pasta and vegetables for sale in the estate shop and by mail order, and converting the farm buildings into self-catering accommodation with rustic furnishings and mod cons. The 30 stone properties, scattered around the estate, sleep 2-10, and prices start at €378 a week. Guests can join in the grape and olive harvests and visit the flour mill, dairy, bakery and kitchens where pasta sauces are made. One evening each week everyone staying is invited to dinner, a feast that is served on long tables out in the open air. Details: 00 39 0575 430020, 



From the Article:  "Italy: best local food is down on the farm" - Julia Brookes - October 25 2013

Fattoria Vialla at the University Luigi Bocconi - Milan

SDA Bocconi - Fattoria La Vialla

The experience of Fattoria La Vialla. XXXIII International Conference of biodynamics. University of Bocconi. February 21, 2015.


Antonio Lo Franco said that the biodynamic doctrine of Rudolf Steiner is about as challenging can ask a farmer. It 'a very good guide for personal motivation, sense and logical ability practical skills in that country, perhaps more than in any other sector, are necessary. And is the community, the social form in which it can grow. Whether it's a family, a group of friends, a Association of farmers and more. For Lo Franco brothers that community has been and is still family.



The very existence of the Fattoria La Vialla can not ignore it. Family we learned to live together, respect each other, work as a team. In family we learned the craft, that of personal relationships and business management. From family, from our children we draw inspiration for the future.   Today, The Vialla is a reflection of these origins. When in 1978 our parents and Piero Giuliana bought an abandoned farm first, Ca'dell'Oro hills of Arezzo Valdarno, simply wanted to breathe a little 'clean air and eating healthy, what He came from the garden and produced olive trees and vineyards around the house.



 In many years of work the Vialla converted and is still converting method biodynamic over 500 hectares, between abandoned, recovered and rented or bought from neighboring farmers. 250 hectares of vineyards, of which over 200 in run biodynamic, others in conversion. 25,000 olive trees and more than 200 hectares of arable land and pasture. The forest, 600 hectares, is the lung of the farm, and 300 hectares are oases provincial security migration. Cumulation biodynamic is the engine Company: 3,000 square meters equipped to receive manure and other "waste" - so to speak-remains of processing of vegetable sauces, olive pomace oil mill, marc, serum and the like. 


 A study done between 2005 and 2010 shows that the land is improved, for example, organic substance increased the average of 70%. And also the results are there: from Germany is fresh news that The Vialla is "producer Biological year 2015 ", the competition Mundusvini- Biofach Nuremberg. Recognition that we dedicate to our family, to employees and to the Vialla Biodynamic. 

Paper " Fattoria La Vialla" - University Luigi Bocconi - Milan