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Prada Outlet Official

Prada Outlet Official

Buy a OUTLET PRADA OFFICIAL, in SALE, means having the chance to grab a few items dream at a very great deal from.

It 'easy, in fact, find BAGS PRADA with discounts that reach the 60-70%
The biggest OUTLET PRADA OFFICIAL, where there is a huge selection of BAGS BAGS PRADA MIU MIU, including some bags of the latest collections, is not far from the city of Florence (about an hour drive) and it is strongly suggested to all the lovers, like us, HANDBAGS PRADA.
It 'good to clarify that in this OUTLET PRADA OFFICIAL (because it is the SPACCIO PRADA inside the factory) not found only in PRADA BAGS balance: in fact there are other brands produced by the same company that have their store inside the SPACCIO PRADA.

Within this Outlet Prada found:

  • OUTLET PRADA SPORT (Prada Linea Rossa)
  • Outelt JIL SANDER

Also always within this OUTLET PRADA can find comfort in a bar stocked and well made.

Pellettieri of Italy (SPACCIO PRADA)
Levanella, Montevarchi (Italy)

How to reach: A1 Motorway Exit Valdarno
Opening Days:
From Monday to Saturday, lunch break from 9:30 ?? to 20.00
Sunday lunch break from 14:00 ?? to 19.00.

Prada Story

Prada Story

Originally known as Fratelli Prada, the fashion house was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada and his brother Martino, who opened a shop selling leather bags, travel accessories and luxury in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. Soon, thanks to the high quality of the products, the boutique became a reference point for the purchases of the upper class and aristocracy of Europe.

None of the boys wanted to be part of the Mario, so it was his daughter, Luisa, to enter the holding and, after his father's death in 1958, to become the owner. In 1971 another woman, Miuccia, daughter Luisa, joined the company, and became the owner in 1978. In the late seventies, when Miuccia ascended to the leadership, the turnover of the brand was around $ 450,000, a figure decent, but far from the splendor of the early years; one of the first steps taken by the new president, a skilled stylist, ingenious and determined, but inexperienced in the economic and management, was to sign an agreement with a contractor met a year earlier, Patrizio Bertelli, owner of IPI, a company active in the market leather: collaboration combined the imagination of the designer and the entrepreneurial capacity of the industrialist. The alliance lasted until 2003, when the IPI was finally incorporated into the brand Prada.

In the eighties the synergy brought the two to get married in 1987; from the standpoint of professional creativity of the designer combined with the entrepreneurial skills of Bertelli, brought the brand to emerge from the period of stalemate with a series of innovative bags and accessories, and an adequate advertising campaign. The first show of the brand came in 1988, in the autumn / winter 1988; five years later, in 1993, Miuccia Prada founded Miu Miu, with which distributes female leaders more experimental and modern. The same year also published the first collection Prada Men. Dates back to 1997, the first collection Prada Sport. On 11 October 1999 acquired for £ 106 million [4] 75.3% of the shares of the English Church's, becoming its majority shareholder [5]; after a financial agreement and a sale of 45% in 2003 to the Swiss company Equinox, Prada definitely buy the British brand in 2006.

Since 2000, Prada is the official sponsor of Luna Rossa, sailing boat competing in the America's Cup. In 2009 Prada Group will share in the financial markets, ranking in the Hong Kong stock exchange and giving 20% of the shares, with a dowry of about $ 2.14 billion [6] in 2010, further expands its portfolio of brands with the acquisition of Car Shoes by Alberto Moretti.

The March 14, 2014 Prada announces the acquisition of 80% of the historic Milanese pastry Marchesi, after trying unsuccessfully to acquire Cova in 2013, which sold 80% of its shares to the giant French luxury LVMH to 32.8 million euro. [7]

Prada boutique in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan.
In early 2007 it was launched the Prada Phone, a mobile phone, a collaboration between the brand Prada and LG Electronics.

Prada, the history of a brand (and a wedding)

Prada, the history of a brand (and a wedding)

Prada. A logo, a red stripe, a name that seems invented to art instead is the surname of Ms. Miuccia, stylist also Miu Miu. From the marriage with Patrizio Bertelli Luna Rossa ... and beyond.
Prada and sport
Prada. A logo, a red stripe, a name that seems invented to art instead is the surname of Ms. Miuccia, stylist for creativity and heritage of the brand. World identifies with this stylish lady lines Prada and Miu Miu, for most young people.
In fact the brand Prada has ancient origins. To find them you have to even go back to 1913, when Mr. Mario Prada creator of bags, trunks and leather accessories transforms the shop in Milan, Galleria Vittorio Emanuela II in the mecca for fans of accessories "who can not go out of style in the space of a season "the same as Mario Prada likes to describe his creations.
It will take many decades and two generations before Prada become synonymous with elegance and feminine fashion, a brand minimal chic that the whole world knows. The merit? The granddaughter Miuccia, a lovely lady passionate about theater and mime, who studies at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan at the end of the sixties and graduated in political science in 1970, running for America by itself and dictating fashion trend with sober bourgeois and eccentricities by young Italian away, like when he went around without socks even in winter or, conversely, when she wore wool socks with sandals, which mixed and often overlapped with no apparent logic layers of different fabric, like chiffon and tweed. This Milanese young scion of a good family has always been passionate about fashion then inancantato with all its lines of clothing and accessories before then, buyers to fashion victims until her husband Patrizio Bertelli in 1987 and administered by the director of the group Prada.
Recent history and winning the brand began in 1988 when he designed the first collection Miuccia Prada woman. At the time, Prada had two stores and Milan (the historian who was the grandfather Mario and the newborn in Via della Spiga) and one in New York all three under the shade of pale greenish typical of the brand.
At that time the couple Prada-Bertelli already had ten years of professional collaboration and one of marriage. And 'the beginning of an adventure at 360 degrees, are the first steps towards the glorious nineties.
Here comes Miu Miu in 1993, for the middle-class youth who do not like the noise ostentatious fashion. In the same year as Prada also the male universe with the men's collection.
In 1997, Prada Sport is synonymous with casual wear and technical wearing either snow, countryside or for walking into town. Meanwhile, like leaves in autumn rain down premiums for Miuccia.
In 1994 he received the CFDA International Award in New York as the best designers, the year after it is awarded the VH1 Fashion and Music Award, for the collection of Prada and Neiman Marcus Award. They spend twelve months and comes VH1 Music and Fashion Award, for the Miu Miu collection. In 1998 the same prize but for a different collection, Prada Men. And in Italy no recognition? Here the Leonardo Prize Quality Italian in Rome she has received in 1998. Meanwhile the adventure company proceeds, it is appropriate to say, is booming. Patrizio Bertelli wants Luna Rossa as a boat for the America's Cup 2000 in New Zealand. And 'the unexpected success of a team of sailors and final of a brand, Prada Sport that since then takes off unstoppable.
Miuccia is dreaming art. In 1993 establishing PradaMilanoArte which in 1995 became the Prada Foundation, in 2000 he received the Honorary Award, the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York and an honorary degree from the Royal College of Art in London, one of the schools of art and design more prestigious in the world.
It becomes a founding member of the Teatro alla Scala Foundation.
End dell'escaltion? No really ... A brand as prestigious likely to feel alone and so the company rewarded Prada Bertelli tip on its trump cards to expand through acquisitions and joint ventures. In 1999 acquires 51% of Hemult Lang and 75% of Jil Sander, detects in toto Curch & Co., historic shoe brand in London and create a joint venture with De Rigo for creating eyewear designer Prada, Miu Miu, Helmut Lang and Jil Sander. But for lovers of fashion Prada remains always and increasingly mark elegant, vaguely minimal for him and for her that makes every season delicate and precious, that fascinates the young trendy and elegant lady and sober.

Prada Factory

The factory Montevarchi has a strict system, without eccentricities; an attitude lucidly rationalist, who renounces superfluous and tends to synthesis. Great attention was paid to the inclusion in the local context to avoid further failures to the environment and, indeed, to correct as much as possible to those of the past. It is thus avoided to flaunt the new building volumes and, to minimize the impact, were "filtered" back ups hilly and scenes of bushes and trees in enclosed greenhouses.
A waiver of the clamor which also extends to the materials. In projects such as these, designed for one of the most important companies in the fashion, the architecture is done with simple means - standard industrial components, pre-fabricated structures - loaded but of thought and intensity. Buildings where the only concession to luxury are the light and the green that creep everywhere.
The idea of the designer - the architect Guido Canali - was based on the principle that these achievements should not only resist weathering; it was mostly the same image that was to survive their fashions. For this language has been filed, decanted: it went beyond time and beyond. The surprise in opening the interior spaces of establishments in many secret gardens dense bamboo.
"The geometry, abstraction, refinement of the forms must be humanized - explains architect -. You have to think about who lives inside the buildings that are planned: the inclusion of green serves to calm, to create pleasant working conditions. The designers, unfortunately, sometimes work for themselves, as in a soliloquy more thought to their style than to those who will live and enjoy their work. "A relaxing environment, designed for the welfare of those who work in, also offers advantages in terms of productivity. The two Group factories producing shoes for the collections Prada and Miu Miu in ways still craft: work there, in total, almost three hundred people, whose productivity, in the new context, has increased - they say the Prada Engineering - 30 percent. From an economic perspective, adopting predominantly current materials and cost (and prefabricated concrete panels), it was possible to allow the insert of the most expensive parts, such as large windows, is open on patios arboreal organized, as real own greenhouses, to enclose the green within reasonable limits. In the recipe "gardens and greenhouses for production sites", the windows appear to be fundamental ingredients: large, transparent, replacing entire walls, so as to encourage maximum spread of green, at least as a visual effect, between the assembly and desks. Inside the real protagonist is just the landscape. The routes and the visual sequence are constructed to achieve the optical telescopes, real privileged points of view toward the soft and sinuous arc hilly. The project also works as a green center of gravity at the two factories, closed to the outside of the walls that separate them from the surrounding context unskilled.